- 100% Free to Play and Free to Win

- An addictive Jump 'n' Roll Puzzle in outer space

- Smooth and intuitive gameplay developed for mobile devices

- True Physics-Engine

- Amazing 3D graphics

- Built-in Level Editor

- Publish levels online and share them with your friends

- No login or registration needed

- Space is the place!

Discover the world of Blixa! A mystery unravelling game, not for the faint hearted.


Can you keep your cool ?

Meet Blixa and guide him through an exciting 3D adventure full of different riddles. Beware of fire, spikes and the infinity of space. Collect keys to open portals, keep track of the time and most important, don´t get lost. Not only does Blixa require visual thinking, it also challenges you to take a leap into the unkown.

Do you dare?

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Build your own world !

Blixa gives you the opportunity to create your own levels and share them with the world. Construct your own enigma, set out traps, keys or rewards and challenge your friends.


This game is 100% free to play, free to win and doesn't contain In-App-Purchases. Blixa has an Ingame-Shop where you can trade diamonds, which you have collected in the game, for some cool items.


Those who played Kula World back in the 90s will recognize in Blixa a puzzle challenge which is perfectly designed for modern devices.